Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Future is Now! (actually 2004)

Are you still using pokey dial-up connections? Does your internet involve a bunch of cumbersome cables and network settings? Behold the future!

Follow the link to experience Wi-Fly.

The linked blog entry details an experiment in the cutting edge technology of PEI. This massively powerful wireless data transfer service has a 100 km range; possibly even greater! Imagine not having to worry about your ISP or wireless access points. If you're under blue sky, you may be able to receive PEI! (Service grid still expanding. Coming soon to your area!) Some data tests have show that the data transfer rate can exceed that of standard DSL connections. But I haven't even gotten to the most amazing part.

PEI comes standard with a technology so advanced that even the leading scientists studying nanomachines have yet to achieve it. The PEI data transfer system comes complete with automemetic self-replication! Starting with only a few data carrying nodules, in time the number will double, triple, and eventually increase by a power of ten. (Construction materials must be provided) Isn't that amazing? Given enough time and nodules, the amount of data transferred at one time (your bandwidth) could be conceivably beyond your imagination!

Act now! The future of the past is fast becoming tomorrow's history! Doesn't that sound impressive? Don't wait!

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