About This Blog

I started publishing this blog in 2006, mainly as a reaction to frustration I felt regarding my friends' blogs.  Extremely interested in what they had to say, I was frustrated with the pace of their updates.  So partially to kill time until they updated again, I decided to create my own.

As of June of 2013, all those blogs I was following in 2006 have been inactive for years.  Other friends have since started and stopped blogs of their own in that time, but I've always considered this blog of mine to be "active".  That's not to say that I always update frequently -- there have sometimes been weeks or months in between entries, depending on what else is occurring in my life.  If I'm going to drift away for a bit, I try to make sure the preceding entries will set up the hiatus.

I write this blog because it's something that I would find interesting, were I someone other than the person typing this.  More bluntly, if I stumble across a blog, I'd find it interesting if it was similar to this one.  If you find this type of blog interesting, then you're welcome to participate.

Rules:  Don't be a jerk, and don't try to sell anything.

Disclaimers:  I almost never mention people by name unless in the case of a public figure.  Not only that, but I will shamelessly and completely scramble genders, races, creeds, and time periods in an effort to maintain the privacy of all people involved in entries.  Unless otherwise noted, assume that most personal information of subjects has been changed specifically to thwart recognition.