Sunday, September 26, 2010

Saying goodbye to everyone at the party

Last night was the first concert of the Fountain City Brass Band season.  Afterward, we went to a local house of ale, trivia-via-hipster, and cover bands to celebrate.  The party went on and good times and laughs were had by all.  As people start to drift away, those remaining offer "bye!" and waves from their seats in mid-conversation stream. 

Finally, it was time for me to shuffle home as well.  There were still enough people remaining that we still covered two tables, so I got up from the table I had most recently been haunting and popped in at the other table (where I started) to say a quick farewell to everyone.  One guy stood up to shake my hand, which was a kind of different-era moment, and out I went.  I had touched base with everyone and checked off all the boxes.

That's basically what Mike Celizic did as he was dying of cancer.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Never use an elipse to remove meaning is my homepage of choice, and I follow the news there every time I reload the page.  They've even started pulling local stories and placing them in the feed.  However...

When Yahoo prepares news headlines, they edit them to fit in the space allowed.  But with the local headlines, they don't bother (those are probably collected automatically).  So, the computer just puts in an ellipsis after a certain number of characters.

It's often funny and today was no exception.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

20,000 Visitors! (give or take)

My blog had it's 20,000th visit yesterday around noon.  The visit consisted of someone arriving from Google to find the entries where I mentioned the Aryan Nation couple who named their child after a certain Chaplin-mustached dictator whose name sounds like Anolf Spitler.

In a very real way, that's sort of a representative visit.  I get a variety of single-page visitors thanks to the indexing might of Google and other search engines.  It also allows people to arrive having searched for the afor-unmentioned German who then promptly search my site for "sex".  Words cannot express the curiosity I feel about the general web-surfing behavior of those individuals.

Returning to much more relevant things, I want to thank all of the you's who are reading this, as it's probably not your first visit to my virtual abode.  And while this statistic is definitely NOT completely accurate because I didn't start this counter with the beginning of the site AND it doesn't take into account every visitor, I still feel a swell of appreciation that I've had at the very least 20,000 visitors.

Now it's time to head in for a special Saturday edition of work!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

But it might just be me...

Women who apply the term "irony" correctly and use it unprompted are tremendously sexy.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Fine weather, at the very least

It's back to school time in the local area, and the various schools are just now putting things together for band programs.  It's a change from the district where I grew up.  Back there and then, I picked up a horn near the beginning of the summer, had classes with the retired band directors on the elementary school's front lawn in the hot months, then started the fall ready to fall in to band class.

It's done different in Olathe, and so the shop where I work is hopping lithe and madly as the world beats a path to our gate.  I'm on track for fifty-five or sixty hours this week, though part of that is the automatic hours from the holiday on Monday.  I still went to work, so it made for a long day between employment and then a three hour rehearsal following fast after. 

At least I'm not the educational coordinator: that guy is everywhere.  I don't feel so bad for basically forcing him to take most of today off, as he'll be at the local fair booth on Saturday in "balance".

I hear this should be finished by October.  The end of October. 

Of 2014.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Third Wedding, or What You Will

"I was adored once too."
--Sir Andrew Aguecheek, "Twelfth Night", Act II scene iii

This year's third wedding took place last weekend.  It took place on property owned by the groom's mother in the shadow of the Olympic National Forest in Washington.  The closest town is called Sequim (pronounced "skwim"), a town of a bit more than 5,000 people.  I learned that it is the lavender capital of North America -- though that fact didn't teach me as much about Sequim as it did about lavender!

The wedding was between my cousin (the elder of my mother's sister's children) and her beloved.  They were married in the field and the clouds were nice enough to recede and provide a natural backdrop of mountains.  THe weather was gorgeous, the food was amazing (wild salmon provided by the local Nisquali tribe), and the ceremony touching.

I'm fortunate that all my friends and family have such amazing and vastly different services, because it provides me no direct method for comparing them.  I can say that the setting was perfect for weddings and one could not ask for a better outdoor scene.