Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Language barrier

I used the word "wherefor" and was misunderstood.

I used the phrase "wouldn't go amiss" to me that something would be welcome and effective, but everyone just blinked.

I got a brief "nobody understands you sometimes" talking to.

It hasn't been a very good week in my ever-persistent journey to use more than the bare-minimum 500 operational daily words.

Add to that list "suss", "risible", "serviceable", "candor", "gauche", "avuncular", "concomitant", "mollify", "accrete" (which I had to teach to my computer just now), "prodigal", and "furtive". 

I'm starting to see why people don't let me talk anymore.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Doctor Andy's Guide to Dating Doctor Andy, part XVIII

First, a disclaimer: there aren't seventeen other parts in this series, so if you were the sort of person who immediately thought to go looking for parts I through XVII, I apologize.

Second, another disclaimer: this is about real people.  Myself (primarily) along with various other people I've had varying degrees of relationships with over the years.

I started this entry for a good reason, but that reason was not "a step-by-step guide to landing Andy".  One of the things I've talked a lot about in this blog over the years is relationship philosophy.  That's why I titled this "part XVIII" -- it's a nod towards the fact that I'm sure I've given at least a dozen rantish pieces of advice over the years.

I decided to carpe some diems and write this off the cuff.  That probably means that somewhere in my archives is an entry that looks a lot like this, in both tone and content.  So consider this an affirmation of vows.

Or an update to the terms of service, for all you modern techheads.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

You can't tell very well from the reduced-size preview, but this picture represents the connections between most of my Facebook friends.  One of the things I enjoy most about social networks is the "network" aspect.  The interconnections between people and the realizations about how close (or far) unacquainted people are from each other. 

More discussion of this image after the break.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Silly Image

As someone who has played video games since before the original Mortal Combat AND one who received an "A" in the "Nordic History of Music" class a few years ago AND as a lover of bad puns, this picture makes me very happy.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Sum of My Yesterdays

She is quite literally my dream girl.

The only reason I met her is because I was at the museum.  She was leading a tour group of which I was a face, half listening to the memorized banter.  But in this case, the talking drew my attention because it wasn't memorized.  She spoke off the cuff with animation and feeling.  She threw asides in for her own amusement.  This was how I first connected with her: laughing at a "Hello Dali" joke she tossed aside as one might a comfy hat into an easy chair.

She's tall and dark-haired.  That's actually amusing, as I never really found myself attracted to dark hair.  When people would rattle off lists of characteristics, that was never something I thought about.  The tall part is fun.  When I walk, I can see directly into her eyes without requiring her to crane her neck.

When I spoke to her, I got incredibly embarrassed.  My face flushed and I could feel my brain trying to slow everything down so I didn't stumble over my words.  That didn't happen, but at least she and I were both smiling when I asked her if I could take her to dinner sometime.  I threatened to burst from smiling when she looked at me and said, "Of course," as though I'd just asked if she liked ice cream.

Still blushing like mad, I remember thinking "Man, I must be dreaming because she is amazing!"

I was.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Breaking Mews!

I stand corrected.  There was in fact a cell phone picture taken of the traveling kitten.  Here she is wondering why the comfortably dark cave formed by someone sitting on their heels has suddenly been compromised. 

To make matters even worse, there were paparazzi outside the cave, eager to get a candid shot.

Monday, October 04, 2010

A Kitten at Work

Today, the high school student who works part-time at the shop got out of her noisy diesel truck and came to the door carrying a tiny kitten.  Apparently, the kitten had been deposited unseen by the mother in a box in the bed of the pickup early, had sat there through a day of high school classes, and only been discovered after school.

The kitten was approximately a month old, still uninterested in solid food and mewling plaintively for mom cat to come and do something useful.  I got a chance to pick it up and cuddle it in my arms for a while, where it started to purr and ceased crying out.  So if you were wondering what's almost as appealing as a cat, it's the warm juncture between my arm and my belly.

It was funny how much having a kitten focuses attention.  Productivity in the office suffered as people had their own ideas about how to comfort it, feed it, raise it, or (in the case of an anti-cat person) feed it to the local wildlife.  Nobody had nothing to say about it, you'll notice!

Work continued at almost normal speeds once a box had been found that could be layered with the cutoff legs of a pair of pants from the worker (they were cut off for the summer weather, not that kitten).  Still, people made lots of trips past the kitten box just to be able to look in at the sleepy fluffball.

The most amusing part was having workers come up to me, start communicating on work business, then look down and trail off by stating, "Umm, you're holding a kitten..."