Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Favorite Photos of 2014: Seven through Sixteen

Editions two and three combined today (since I fell asleep writing Monday's post).

Remember that these are in no particular order. They also don't mean that I think these are the BEST pictures I took. They are not all of the "five-star" rated photos from the year. I tried to pick with a little bit of variety, so that the same person didn't end up in multiple photos. These are just the ones that I looked at this weekend and thought, "yes, those are my favorites."  Next weekend might be different.

On we go!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Favorite Photos of 2014: One through Six

It's nearly end of the year, and -- because I started producing photography in a big way this year -- I'm creating an annotated list of my favorite photos. The list is twenty-five pictures, because I originally began by thinking I'd do ten, quickly formed a "short" list of thirty-six, then found that cutting was too difficult once I got to the current number. If I had been required to cut to 10 for a "best work" portfolio, I could have, but I'll leave that open for discussion.

Each photo will be presented, then some text about either the subject, the shot, or the settings. So if you see text, remember that it belongs to the photo above it.

Let's begin with six. The only order here is chronological. I've also removed whatever caption or title I'd given them (some had one, some never got that far). I wanted them to have a chance to stand as images... even though I promptly follow them with text. Hmm. Well, I actually want them to be free of whatever pun or commentary I chose as a title.