About This Author


My name is Andy Schwartz (also known as Doctor Andy) and if you've discovered this page, you're probably here for more than just posting spam commerce links on the comments pages.  Thanks for not doing that!

I'm a little at a loss regarding what to put on this page.  Much of what there is to know about me is contained in the several hundred entries that exist in this blog.  There's a reason why, as of June 2013, the most common label for entries is "About Me".  This blog is largely about me and the thoughts I have about what I encounter in my life. 

If you need to know about me, though, I'll try to sum it up for you:

1)  I want to understand.  It doesn't really matter what the subject is or who's doing the explaining -- I love getting things to make sense in my head.  As a result, my brain overflows with a teeming cloud of randomness.  If I suddenly interrupt myself to explain about the African tribe that communicates in a mostly gestural language, or about how Australian aborigines perceive directions without using self as a point of reference, you should not be surprised.

2)  I'm a happy guy.  Though my life may contain an amount of bittersweet elements, I consider myself a disgusting optimist. 

3)  I have a romantic side.  I treat this streak of romanticism like a snow globe: it's a relic of a specific period that needs to be treated delicately, since it (and the memories associated with it) aren't re-obtainable.

4)  I'm an agnostic.  I don't know if it's possible to conclusively rule one way or the other on the presence of a supreme being.  If there is a god, it resides so far beyond the daily life of us as to render questions of its involvement immaterial.  It's like being a deist, except that we're probably a watch without a maker.