Friday, May 27, 2011

Time error!

I'm halfway out the door and off the continent, but I wanted to make a quick addendum to the previous post.  I got the time zones the wrong way around. 

While Europe is 7 hours ahead of US Central, that means the contests actually occur in the middle of the day, state-side.  All the previous information about links and locations is still correct.

There may also be official word on the Fountain City page,

See you in a bit!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hear me perform live on the internet!

Fountain City Brass Band is getting ready to depart on our European tour for this year.  As before, we time it so we can attend two competitions -- one right at the beginning of the time and the other just before we leave.  It was announced that the second competition, EuroBrass Drachten, will be streamed live over the internet.

Here's some useful information if you're interested.

This link shows the schedule of the bands in section "A" performing on June 4th (Central European time).  We won't know which of the bands we are until the draw, which happens at 5:20pm.  The first of the bands performs at 6:20, directly following the draw.  The last of the section A bands performs at 10:20pm. 

Central European time is 7 hours ahead of Central (U.S.) standard time.  That means that local to most mid-westerners, the draw is just after midnight (12:20am), the first band is at 1:20am, and the last performs at 5:20am.  I think I did my math right.  All these times would be in the early morning of June 5th.

So, while it is live, it's also not at a time that's not conducive to listening for any but the most isomnical or caffeinated.  Also, I think the stream is only audio, so you may have to wait through a lot of things not necessarily happening in English before hearing a group that might be us. There will eventually be a DVD and CD made available, so this isn't the only chance you'll get to hear (and later see!) our performance from this contest.

But for those of you eager to punish your mind and body by spending a night listening to random bands until you're able to identify us by our music choices, you now have the opportunity to do so at relatively little cost to yourselves!

The network that will be streaming is here:

The announcement on is here:

Monday, May 16, 2011

"I had rather have a fool to make me happy....

.... than experience to make me sad." 
--As You Like It, Act IV scene i

You know how sometimes you can be helpful to your friends when you feel they need prodding, but still keep away from sounding like second father or a tedious bore?

Darn, I was hoping you did.  I sure don't

Still, there's a fine art to suggesting a good way forward.  And -- damn the torpedoes -- sometimes people just need someone to get all "authority figure" in their bizness!

'Course, it's all fun and games when you ask someone how things are going and they respond, "Great!"  I start to feel like a heel when I say "really?" and they break down crying.

Sometimes all I need to be is someone who smells acceptable up close, doesn't mind tear stains on clothing, and has long arms.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

To be fair, the pilot thought they looked pretty scary

STORY: Muslim scholars pulled from plane flight

Two muslim scholars from Memphis were pulled off a plane, subjected to additional security checks, allowed to reboard, then told the pilot objected to flying with them.

They were on their way to a conference on American fears of Islam.  Even though they didn't make it to the conference, they still managed to make a very effective presentation, I'd bet.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

"2 gay dads, 12 happy kids" by Karina Bland

Article from the Arizona Republican about a gay couple who have adopted 12 children from foster care, though gay men are actively prohibited from marrying and discouraged from adopting by state statute.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Osama is dead

I dithered for longer than I usually do about the title of this entry.  I don't often like to start writing an entry without a title.  It's not because I have any particular muse which feeds from the fountain, but a compulsive need to organize.  In the absence of a proper title field, Blogger will save the entry's URL as the first line of the body text, which is often not what I want to say -- imagine my shame if this entry was  Eternal shame!

There is a practical side to it, too.  Having a fixed title tends to corral my natural tendency to wordily wander of my path and become lost in the thickets of my own musings.  This title is obviously a reference to the events of yesterday, May 1 2011: the announcement of the death of Osama bin Laden.