Monday, December 21, 2009


In the same box of metaphors as "difficult as herding cats", tonight's dinner spawned a new one:

"like stacking applesauce"

As in, "Don't bother trying to get Jim to put the toilet seat down -- you're just trying to stack applesauce."

If you've never tried, it's pretty difficult to make applesauce achieve any significant height.

Pre-Christmas in St. Louis

I've been visiting in St. Louis with my family.  My parents and youngest brother live there (in one place), as does my middle brother and his girlfriend.(in another).  It's nice to see them all again, though the unemployed ones all visited me in Kansas City just a couple of weeks ago for the final Fountain City concert of the calendar year.  Following that, my youngest brother stayed with me for a few days.  It was mostly so he could have the famous pizza from Minsky's, but we all pretend it was to hang out with me -- that helps preserve good feelings all around at this festive season.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No such thing as common scents

I love women.

As somebody who loves to know about the different ways other people think about things, women provide an endless bounty.  Despite lots of gum-flapping about how similar we are, men and women are tremendously different in how they approach problems, how they conceive of themselves, and how they comport themselves around the stage that is their lives.

Today I want to address one thing I love about women, followed by one thing I loathe.

Let's start with soap.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

FCBB on the BBC (but act ASAP)

Frank Renton, who I first met in his capacity as master of ceremonies for the U.S. Open brass contest, is a well-known figure in the British brass band world.  He's become a common sight to the Fountain City band, as we've crossed paths with him three times in the last month: first at the '09 U.S. Open, then as voice of Brass in Concert, and finally as an adjudicator at the Scottish Open.

In the evening following our Scottish Open gala concert, I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow in the hotel bar who praised our trombone playing.  In the conversation that followed, he indicated that Frank has a radio show and that we were featured in the most recent episode.