Saturday, August 27, 2011

Privilege and Me

I am a man.

By which I mean that I'm in possession of some of the "dangly bits" that act as proof I can compete in the ancient Olympic games.  It also means I have a certain amount of testosterone that causes hair to grow from my jaw -- and slowly vanish from my head.

Those are all facts about me with regards to my gender and sexual manifestation.  Here's one more fact:

As a man, I have an entire set of social points that are exclusive to me and men like me.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Soon to be Post

HERE is the article for today, about the U.S. Post Office posting a $3.1 billion operating loss and warning of a default.

This news makes me sad, because I like the Post Office.  I know many financial commentators love to bag on the PO as an outdated system in a virtual digital seismological age.  It's the perfect example of a "government job" for its inefficiency, expense, and general wait.  Every friend I have on Facebook who has even a slight libertarian streak is someone I've seen rant about the PO and how much it ruins America, hurts women, or punches babies.