Sunday, June 27, 2010

The EVO that a Man Dwells With

At long last, I purchased a new phone.  Yesterday, I went to Best Buy and bought the EVO 4G from Sprint.  It ends several years of actively paying attention to the phone scene, trying to figure out what to buy.  It also serves as a final resting place after the false stop in January.

Let me give you some thoughts after approximately 24 hours with this newfangled "product of our genius".

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Do as I say, not as I say.

These two thoughts posted by the same person, almost at the same moment.  The person posting them apparently sees no discord.  I disagree.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Actually, Barbara, a mirror only has one face

A friend of mine recently signed up for a dating "something".  I'm not sure if it was one of those speed-dating events, or an internet website, or a guy dishing dates from the back of a truck.  What I do know is that part of it involved a questionnaire on which there was a question asking:

"What do people of the opposite sex first notice about you?"

She explained that she'd had to think through the question quite a bit.  Is it her laugh, or her hair, or her smile, or her breasts?  I think she eventually went with her smile, but threw in something about boobs as well, in a nod to realism.

It made me start thinking about how I'd answer that question.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ruh-roh, Raggy -- Rammar Roblems!

Quick thought:

Reading when someone types out "How RU doing?", I invariably translate that in my mind to Scooby Doo talking.

Busy plus Mozart equals driving

Thanks to arriving in Kansas City after midnight on Monday morning after a weekend of drinking and sunburns, the whole week has been a little chaotic.  It's not any easier in the latter half: I'm currently in St. Louis, having driven out here yesterday afternoon.  I'm attending the Wednesday matinee of "The Marriage of Figaro" at the Opera Theatre then immediately driving BACK to Kansas City so I can be ready to go back to work on Thursday.

On Saturday, it's a birthday party two hours north of me and a wedding in the evening.  Sunday may be the day when I finally unpack and decide what happened in the previous week and a half.

Friday, June 11, 2010

New look

While I was up trying to pack, I updated the look of the blog.  Let me know if there are any problems, and I'll attend to them after I return.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Preparing for the Great American Brass Band Festival.  Long rehearsals after work -- makes Andy a dull boy!  Blog updates are spaced out for now, though I've heard a rumor that our bus will have WIFI?  talk about posh and futuristic.

40 tunes, tons of soloists, and three concerts.  Arms and legs inside the vehicle, kiddies!

This isn't a contest, so it's not something we can win.  Apparently, there are ways to lose, though -- more on that when we return.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Inedible Indian Spam

Just for clarity's sake, there was a spammer loose on my blog for several hours today.  The previous entry did have spam comments posted in it, which I eventually deleted.  So it looks like I'm having a strange one-sided conversation with myself.  The comments have nothing to do with the entry.  I was originally going to leave the "this message has been deleted" placeholder there to give some reference, but by the fifth spam comment I was only in a mood to eradicate them. 

Carry on!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

To my implacable foe:

I write this letter on what was almost the cusp of our latest battle.  It would have been a surprise attack, because Sun Tzu tells us that we should never cede even the smallest advantage to our enemy.  I have not enough foresight to provide oracular details of how the battle would have transpired.  It is equally possible that both sides would have sustained critical injuries.  In lieu of that conflict which -- up till this very hour, I relished -- I have decided to surrender.

I do not take this course because I feel obligated by a sense of decency or Ghandian desire for a less violent path.  Quite the contrary: recent actions against our person were as objectionable as the first skirmishes fought so long ago.  Just as vile.  Just as disconnected from that which is right and good and true. It is also likely that -- absent a taunting blow from me -- you will continue rampaging as you have been, terrorizing those who hold you dear and devastating the whole of your own kingdom.  The St. Georgian way would be to take sword to dragon and strive for peace for the good of all in the swath of danger.  Yet I turn from the sword stroke with disgust and loathing.

It is no victory to strike down a man who -- in his madness -- strives only to curse the wind for blowing.  Such a man already perceives the swells of the world's ocean as being purposefully malicious against him alone.  To fight against such an opponent brings no glory or fame.  Even the satisfaction of retribution is denied to the aggressor, for there is no satisfaction in besting one's nemesis in the form of a child at play.

Those wiser than I have already argued that to leave you alone is to grant you influence in absentia.  No doubt they are correct, as the near-term consequence of my surrender would have been to allow my momentum to flag and turn the advantage to your side.  What a blessing for me, they might say, that the battle was still unexpected by my foe.  But I have seen what you can not.  I have seen beyond the castles and the fields of our conflict.  The great world you seek to best me in?  It is like unto a sand castle in the desert.

So I bestow on you the victory!  My boon is my buried lance point.  I give way on the ground you hold dear, for I have no desire to clutch and spit and claw at one who feels betrayed by even the clothes upon their back.  The hostility that roared in me like a blacksmith's flame but scant minutes ago is utterly quenched, leaving only the cold and distant fumes of pity.  That is what remains of the great passion and furious anger -- nothing but a dim sadness for the diminishment of what you were and could have been.

I surrender the battle because it means nothing.  Not because I expect to "win the war", as the wags say.  No. For even the war itself no longer matters.  The world has changed.  You are left in the dreadful stillness of the closed theater, watching in terror as the lights fizzle out singly and the darkness swells deeper and higher, from all directions at once.

And I do not wish to watch.

For the first and last time, I say good bye.

Traffic Roundabout

Here's a graph of the incoming traffic to my site over the past year.  It represents the total site visits (in yellow) and the total number of page views (in red).  Basically, whenever someone loads a page on my blog, it adds a "visit".  If that same person closes the window and returns 21 minutes later, they're counted as a different visitor.  If that person visits and then moves their way through various other pages on the blog, loading each page less than 21 minutes after the last, those (and the initial view) count as "page views".

So a larger number of yellow indicates more visitors overall, while a larger number of red indicates more users who spend time reading (or so I assume).  The red is over and above the yellow number, since a single page visitor counts as both a yellow AND a red.  For reference, each colored background box in the graph represents 100.

Right now, I'm averaging 19 vistors per day.  You can see that I've been on an upward swing since November.  I'm not really sure what happened in November, other than my UK trip.  It might make sense if, because I was overseas and not updating, people may haven't bothered to visit, knowing I'd be gone.  Going through the post archive in the right column over there ------------------>,  I can see I wrote 7 entries in November 2009.  But I only wrote four in December, meaning it wasn't directly related to whether or not I actually published anything.

So far this month, I already have more than half the total number of visits from November, and we aren't even through the sixth day yet.  Also, somewhere between 5% to 20% of visitors each month are single-time people who fly through using the random blog button at the top.  Some of them stop long enough to do a search for "porn", "sex", "diapers", or "Bar Refaeli" before moving on.  Them's good people.  Now when they come through, they'll find this post.  Bwahahaha!

[It turns out that Bar Refaeli isn't an alehouse down the street from the Piazza Navona, but an Israeli supermodel.  She's received letters asking her to please avoid marrying a non-Jew for the good of Israel.  How touching!]

For all the rest of my visitors who don't arrive looking for pornography, thanks for coming!  I hope you continue to enjoy reading, and I hope you stay as far away as possible from porn-sex diapered supermodels.

The Old Man and the CDMA

I'm kind of disappointed that I'm never going to have that time in my life when I, on some future date, can look back on and say, "Well, I *used* to be cool, when I was your age."  I have never been cool.  And I'm still not, because of my phone.  It's old.  I've mentioned it several times on here and that may lead you to think that I'm continually thinking about it.

I don't, though.  The only time I ever think about it is when other people notice it.  This they do in increasing numbers.  Since God descended from on high and separated the cell phone people into tribes, there has been a serious identity associated with one's phone.  To put it into perspective, one of the big choices I had to make was whether or not it was important to have a color screen.  I decided it wasn't, what with this being in the days before cameras on phones.  If the camera had a calculator on it, it was considered to be "too showy" for use in houses of worship and dignified society.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Brain Peek

In no particular order and with no particular emphasis, here's what I'm currently pondering.