Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Follow-up

I went back to the doctor a couple of weeks ago and had another amusing mix up.  I was sitting there quietly, and a nurse called my name.  "Andrew?"  As I put my phone in my pocket and made to stand up, someone else got up and followed the nurse out of the room. 

Oh!  Two Andrews.  Well, if they have the wrong one, they'll figure it out lickety-split.  Another five minutes or so, and another call for "Andrew?" is made.  I get up and follow this nurse, remarking that there were two Andrews.  Hope you got the right one!

Walking down the hallway a pace in front of me, she called nonchalantly over her shoulder, "Andrew Jasic?" 

I respond, nonplussed.  "Nope."

She checks in mid-stride.  "No?"


She looks at her chart again.  "Well, just take a seat in this examining room anyway, and we'll sort this out."

Turns out that there was another Andrew at the same time.  AND!  The confusion from the first appointment is because they have another Andrew Schwartz.  He's even an "Andrew J Schwartz"; what are the odds!

So now I have to be sure to identify myself as Andrew Schwartz and followed up by my birthday.

A small inconvenience to escape the glaucoma surgery that the other Andrew was having.  Yikes!