Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Do shut up, sirs and madams!

I like Facebook.  It's handy to keep tabs on people whom I wouldn't necessarily contact directly.  Those old friends from high school, lost to the dust on the shelf were it not for their ability to leave a virtual sticky-note on my front door.  Some of the contacts I've made would have slipped by if not for the site, so I'll always be appreciative of that angle. 

Doesn't it sound like I'm working towards a giant-sized "however"?

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Today is the Fountain City Brass Band's first concert of the season.  Rather like athletic teams, we don't start our year in the "home stadium".  Instead, we're "on the road" in Topeka, roughly an hour or so west of here, on the campus of Washburn University.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Is it enough to have "good music"?

Today, I saw a theatrical trailer "Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT", the movie that was stitched together out of footage of the rehearsals for MJ's next tour.  The trailer shows lots of big and flashy sets and dance numbers, befitting something that you might see on a Michael Jackson tour.  Lest you think the title might be exploitative, "This Is It" was actually the proper name of the once-forthcoming tour. 

The reaction of my friends to his death fascinated me.  Most of the people who had an opinion were saddened, but a few were self-righteous: one referred to him as "that child molester who shouldn't have a holiday".

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Into every life, a little Fall must reign.

No, I didn't forget about my blog.
No, I didn't die.
No, I haven't become homeless and thereby lost my WiFi.
No, I haven't "outgrown" my blog.
Yes, I have joined the Indonesian sex trafficking industry for grocery money.