Monday, March 29, 2010

Is it an apron? Or a smock? A tabard from my craftsman guild?

I got to use my protective covering at work today.

Thankfully, it wasn't like chemical suits or eye protection.  Ever since my first day, there's been a jean apron on my bench.  It was there when I first sat on my stool and sorted through paperwork.  It's remained there as I piled endless instruments and papers on top of it.  When I reach a certain stage in my work cycle, a part of the apron gets uncovered.

Today, I actually put it on.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

What does KU losing tell us about health care?

I've been fed up with my friends list lately.  For those of you who don't know, Facebook aggregates the comments and status updates of all your connected friends into one convenient list that scrolls chronologically.  For the last week, mine has been rife with two subjects:

1) Kansas basketball in the NCAA tournament

2) The impending House vote on the health care bill

These are incredibly partisan issues, each with a vast quiet middle group forced to listen to the extremes bicker loudly at each other.  This drama plays itself out in my friends list, but it will move into a different phase by this time tomorrow because of one thing that HAS happened, and one thing that will.  The former is that the University of Kansas -- favorite to win the NCAA tournament, ranked number one in the nation -- has been eliminated in the second round by a #10 seed team.  The latter is tomorrow's vote to decide the fate of the health care bill.

2010 Census

This week I, along with probably all of you (should you live in the U.S.) filled out the census form.  The only things I heard about the census was that it didn't have a category gay marriage, and that it had a crap-load of race choices.

As various friends would take the survey, they'd talk about it.  My progressive friends touted how quick and painless it was and weren't people crazy for not taking it, and my conservative friends made fun of it or feared it.

In my opinion, it's neither one of these things.  It's simply America taking attendance.  Remember, from elementary school?

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

"Be a dear and commit customs fraud for me."

As part of my job, I get to work with international customers.  We've got horns from our back room being purchased from around the world thanks to the magic of EBAY, and I've already sent emails to Singapore.  They speak English there -- better than most American university students I know.

All that globalism is fun, though it can be frustrating, too.  The person in Singapore really liked our horn design, but customs fees would have added another $150 to an originally $400 repair.  It's just not worth it when he might be able to find a local shop at much less headache, shipping-wise. 

But EBAY.  While it's fun to watch the numbers turn green and have people magically send money for stuff that's just sitting around gathering dust, there's some slimy people out there.

Monday, March 08, 2010

A good woman, who shall find? For her worth is beyond rubies.

--Proverbs 31:10

A string of mini-updates to my Facebook page invited people to comment.

Andrew Schwartz -- GOD AWFUL date night. Attempted to give self lobotomy with pasta fork. Largely unsuccessful, though the memory of my social security number is a little foggy and I can't explain the infield fly rule anymore.

Andrew Schwartz isn't going to know which way to look the next time he meets that woman, now that I've heard her incredible and uncredible story.

Andrew Schwartz thinks that women who have jobs and are sexually empowered are inherently to be mistrusted and feared.

While people found it exciting to apply all three of these updates to the same person, they're actually about three different women.  The first was a Friday night date (discussed HERE).  The second was the "colorful" personality (discussed HERE).  The third was actually an oblique reference to the story of the KU basketball tickets and the hoopla (heh, "hoop") regarding the recipient (discussed HERE).

It would make for a more interesting story if they were somehow connected, I won't deny.  At rehearsal yesterday, a friend of mine came over to discuss my dating.  She asked something to the effect of "do you just date random strange people?"

That's certainly not my intent.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Surely you aren't suggesting porn stars are real people?

A local headline runs  "Porn Star Got Free Tix To KU-KSU Game"

Given the fact that it was a news story, I expected to see pictures of said adult film star running naked through the crowd or otherwise behaving as a newsworthy story.

But no.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Do I live in a soap opera? I forget...

Recently while hanging out with some friends, a woman I didn't know stopped by our table.  She turned out to be a frequent contact with most of the others, and after introductions we (the whole crew) bantered friendly stories and laughs.  She seemed pleasant, if somewhat loud and aggressive.

After she left again, everyone turned on her, shaking their heads all the while.