Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Veritography, pt. 2: The Ethics of Photo-ing

I’m really enjoying getting back into photography, but I do have a big concern. That concern is that lots of people don’t particularly care to have their photograph taken. It seems to be for two reasons:

1) We’re really insecure about how we look.
2) We don’t know what people do with the photos once they’ve been taken.

That’s the cycle of perception and appearance we have in today’s society. I know because I used to hate having my picture taken, though it was largely a “received opinion” that wasn’t really my own. That didn’t stop me from criticizing myself based on it! Luckily, I’ve long since grown out of that phase. And while I can still be self-critical about my appearance, it’s a much more relaxed and healthy sort of attitude. I can acknowledge when exercise and diet have helped me to get into a more healthy shape, and I can also acknowledge that I do like making pizza with lots of cheese and pasta that has prosciutto mixed in for extra flavor. Mmmm.

Also donuts.

Where was I? Oh right, photography!