Saturday, November 22, 2014

November Colors

A really nice day of photography, though I say it myself. Beautiful cloudy day at the park near my place. And I think I finally learned how to break the rules of the camera histogram to obtain pictures closer to what I visualize.

Full album link:

Friday, November 21, 2014

Out of Stock

When I was younger, my father worked for a company that owned an assortment of other companies. These companies made a wide variety of things, from cereals to food for pets to snacks for humans to flashlights and other small electronics. Around about 2000, the company was acquired by a larger company and my father, a part of the now-redundant management structure, was moved along the path towards retirement.

As a part of sorting his affairs, he divested himself of a small amount of stock for each of his three sons. I ended up with twenty shares of The Company. They were valued at about $20 a piece, for a total gift of about $450. I never saw the shares, as they were spirited away into the Safety Deposit Box, a mystical gyre that sweeps up all manner of important documents and items from my parents' lives. Birth certificates live in this disconnected realm, along with stock certificates, deeds to property, coins, jewelry, and a small mountain of Spanish Doubloons, if the novels of my childhood are to be believed.

But over the years, I've had the knowledge that I had twenty shares of The Company somewhere in my name. I put the amount into various financial tracking software, and I always mentioned it to financial advisers when they asked if I had any "holdings."

"Why yes! I own twenty shares of The Company."

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Alas, Poor Fantasy!

Last week, I had a novel experience: a woman flirted with me in public! I've had a woman or two flirt with me before, but those were women I was at least acquainted with, and it's certainly not something that's happened more than a couple of times. This was new because it was a woman I didn't know.

A woman I didn't know came on to me in a bar.

Reading those words, high school me -- who spent a large amount of thought, time, and preparation trying to get women to profess their attraction to me -- would be very excited!

Unfortunately, current-age me is just bewildered, disappointed, and kind of angry about the whole business. Who could have thought that my perceptions would change so much in only <checks watch> twenty years?

Hmm...probably everyone.