Thursday, August 30, 2012

Enough is Enough

I do not propose to wade into the debate on the spiritual consequences or atavistic morality of abortion, but I cannot stand the promulgation of ignorance, EVEN in the form of a pithy text-covered image on the Internet.  Everyone should recollect from high school science that there is indeed a live single cell inside a female uterus.  In fact, several!  ...Hundred million. The cells in a woman's uterus are "life" and considered alive whether or not she is pregnant.

And rest assured, the discovery of a single cell on some interstellar planet is far more likely to be concomitant contamination than diligent discovery. 

If one is going to be precise about pro-life at the cellular level, at least be reasoned enough to call for mass murder penalties befitting the casual death reflexes of men and women.  How can the world stand by with hands in pockets at the shocking killing crimes of so many theoretical humans and cancerous cysts? 

It's disgraceful! and all sensible and patriotic Pre-Life Americans will agree.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Sacrifice of Love, or...

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It has been a very long week for me.

Last night marked the end of the week spent with the brass band, recording our Christmas album.  A tiring process, made more difficult to bear because of working a full-time job in addition.  Five straight days of 9 to 6 to 6 to 10 have worn me thin, like silk scraped three times too many.

It meant that I went largely without seeing the company of friends or loved ones, except those present at either my place of business or located with me on the stage floor amongst the microphones.  That, too, rubs a man ragged.  I was fortunately consoled by the known tenure of my labors and the virtual certainty of a memorable and valuable artifact in the offing -- even if only to me.

We tend to labor without consideration of payment for the things we really love.  Friends in the band announced their expected children with resigned and nonchalant ease, but the journey is one that costs them sleep, attention, pursuit of other goals, and the worries of ten thousand and one ways for things to go wrong before breakfast. 

But they love each other, so the weight is less when divided.

Allow me to present two vignettes of love in the abstract.  It is a shallow way of showing inclusion in a club to which I cannot truly claim membership.