Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Righteous Emptiness

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As I was riding the bus back to Kansas City on Sunday, the news was breaking of shots fired at the Jewish Community Center and another facility not far from where I live. As I got closer, the news resolved into the fact that three people had been shot and killed. Speculation was that it was a hate crime. By the next day, the identity of the shooter and his victims were known.

The suspect is a white supremacist who has written at length about his anti-Semitic views. And his victims are three white people who weren't Jewish. They were a grandson and grandfather, and a mother of three.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


It's been two months since I've last updated. A shameful gap in something that I try to keep regularly updated! I'm not sure how I would define "regular," but I'm sure it *isn't* every sixty days. Unless it's a change in the weather patterns or something...

Anyway, a few things of note have happened. Several of them have entries devoted to them which I've started, and there's a good chance I'll finish at least one, so they are entries that you may have a shot at being able to read at some point.

This last weekend was the brass band contest that comes every spring, so I was in Grand Rapids, Michigan to participate. I have an album of photographs I took, which is ostensibly what this entry is about -- the photos, I mean, not the contest. The link to the album is