Sunday, April 01, 2007

I'm not sure that's healthy...

I figured my BMI (body mass index) tonight. Through this handy website HERE, I determined my BMI is 30, which is the starting number for obesity. That's high for me, but I've eaten quite a bit of food today, so I'm not surprised. Ordinarily, I'm closer to the middle of the "Overweight" category.

Just for fun, I tried to figure out how skinny I could be and still qualify for "normal" status, on the line before "underweight". It was shocking. I'm taller than 6 foot 3, and I could still be "normal" if I weighed 150 pounds. I have no clinical background, but if you had asked, I would have assumed than anything under, say, 170 would have been unhealthy.

The BMI calculation wasn't what kicked of my most recent food awareness. My parents are starting again on a very calculated diet. Within the first few days, they notice minor gains. It's always good for them, even though they basically have eggs (or egg substitute) every morning, and my father doesn't like eggs. Strange how I didn't know that from years of camping out with him...

I'm going to be watching what I eat in the next few weeks, mainly portion control. I'm under the impression that I eat too much in a particular sitting, so I'm going to remedy that. My impression seems factual, because whenever I curb my food intake even a small amount, I drop pounds quickly. Plus, if I can cut down on my soda intake, that'll do nothing but good. I don't tend to drink soda often, but when I sit to eat, I drink copious amounts of whatever liquid is at hand. If I can keep soda out of reach, that will eliminate that problem.

On Friday night, my family went to a pizza buffet. Portion control was on no one's mind at that place, let me tell you. The food was good, and there sure was a lot of it. But, nothing makes you conscious of your weight like sitting next to a table of extremely obese people, who have difficulty sitting at a booth. It certainly gave me pause.

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  1. I've been trying the smaller portions thing, along with walking for 30 minutes 5 days a week, but giving up sodas just isn't going to happen, heh.