Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Camera Obscura

I purchased a camera over Spring Break, and I've been having a good time learning the ropes. I'm still not even confident on how to use the settings to capture what I want from a particular scene, but I'm getting better.

Coincidently, Google unveiled their web-photo-album site within the last few weeks. I'm taking advantage to put up some shots I've taken. I'll try and at least give them all descriptive or silly captions, along with notes on what I was trying to accomplish with a particular shot.

I stuck the link over on the bottom of my other friend's blog list, since I couldn't find a better place. Feel free to comment, but I'm basically doing this for my own knowledge. Even with all negative comments, stuff's still going to appear there! So, don't feel obligated to pay it any attention.

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