Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wireless whee!

So, the mouse I ordered from Amazon last ... Saturday(?) arrived today. It's wireless, which it turns out makes for an excellent user experience on something as small as my netbook. In the regular usage, it had wires coming out of every port available. I replace the longest and most troublesome of cords (thanks to that ridiculous rebooting mouse) with a little USB wireless sensor about 2/3rds the length of my thumb. The mouse now works 30 feet away, which I find to be MORE than enough. I can't see much of my little screen at 30 feet away. It's probably designed for home theater PCs, so one can mouse from the couch.

I've lived in KC for five complete years. Today, something happened that has never happened before. With my mailroom, of all things. I've probably been in there 1,000 times, and never once have I opened my mailbox to find a key. Huh? Turns out, those little things that look like lockboxes down below all the mailboxes are actually temporary package dropoffs. Little lockers that the mailman can lock with a key, place the key in the mailbox, and when the person uses the key to get a larger package out, the key stays trapped in the lockbox (ready for next time). Fantastic!

Though it makes me wonder why none of my packages have ever used it before. I've had many things delivered by the USPS, so I can't understand why ALL the previous times, they'd place it with the office (ensuring you can only grab it during business hours, M-F). Maybe the mail carrier just figured out what they were for, also.

Speaking of strangeness, this mouse was supposed to arrive next Thursday. I know that, because I looked at the online tracking information this morning and saw that it was still in Indiana, where it had been since Monday. Somehow, the package got all the way from Indiana to my mailbox in under four hours. On a Saturday! I appreciate being provided with the tracking number, but if they're not going to use it, what good is it?

I just checked the webpage again, and now there's moving traffic updates from previous days that have mysteriously (and retroactively) happened. I disapprove.

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