Saturday, August 08, 2009

I hope they recycled it...

A couple of months ago, my subdivision installed a recycling dumpster. Bright green so you know it's for recycling, they even poured a fancy concrete pedestal for it to stand on (with fancy sculpted edges!). I was thrilled, because anything that makes consumer recycling more accessible to me and everybody else gets my vote.

Last week, I noticed a small typed sign by the mailbox. "Due to numerous complaints about the appearance of the recycling dumpster, it has been removed permanently."

Sure enough, it's gone. Just the fancy concrete left behind. We can put a light post on it or something.

I'm dismayed. Was it just that people objected to the dumpster look? It was shiny and green, looking like a very fancy dumpster. Sure, the trash dumpster is hidden under a gazebo-thing. But every weekend, no one seems to remember how to run the compactor and the bags pile up right in front on the sidewalk, sometimes five deep. That's not keeping a good appearance, but I don't think anyone's going to take the trash dumpster away.

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