Monday, August 17, 2009

Paper paper paper paper... new mouse

Paper paper paper paper

My mouse is starting to traverse beyond annoyance. If the cord moves strangely, the mouse loses power and has to be "rebooted" by unplugging and replugging it. Sometimes this gives it another day of motion, and sometimes it dies again before I can even put my "plugging" hand back on it.

It's been like this for months, but it finally annoyed me enough that I went to Best Buy and bought another mouse on Sunday. Wireless, so that this particular problem won't happen again. (It'll be some other problem).

I spent about 30 minutes in the mouse department trying out various things. I dislike mouse shopping because it's always so hard to tell what feels right. Anyway, I was flitting back and forth between three, and finally made up my mind to buy one.

Back at home, I looked it up on Amazon, just to see what the consumer reviews had to say. They were all very positive (which made me feel good), but they showed that it could be had for almost $20 less through Amazon. Buh... Unfortunately, that's a big difference when the item is only $40 to begin with.

So I agonized a bit, thankful that I hadn't opened the box from Best Buy. It's not that they wouldn't take it back even if I HAD opened it-- it just makes it easier to grab the box and go. Eventually, I decided to order the one from Amazon and return the one to Best Buy.

Because of my ethics (or bad digestion or something), I decided not to open the one from Best Buy and use it until the Amazon one arrives from Cactus Suck, Utah next week. So I'm still using the frustrating mouse ... under the watchful (laser)eye of a brand new mouse sealed in plastic, laughing at me.

I need to return it today before I turn the box around to prevent it "looking at me" and talk to it like Tom Hanks' volleyball.

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