Monday, August 31, 2009

Why did it have to be my GRABBING hand?

When I arrived home last night after my rehearsal, I found I had injured myself. Somewhere between the end of rehearsal at 9:29pm and me arriving home at 9:51pm, I had managed to take a circular slice out of the skin between my right thumb and hand. It's a small wound and only took the skin off in an area about the size of a small drop of glue.

Still, it's one of those really offensive nagging injuries, because it gives me a twinge of awareness every time I flex my right hand or use it to close on anything. Being right-handed, both of those things happen quite often. Luckily, I've been doing a lot of typing today, which (especially on my tiny little netbook keyboard) doesn't involve any thumb stretching. But that somehow makes it worse when I go to close my hand around my cup to take a drink.

It's too small to be an "ouch" feeling, so instead it's just a *streeeeetch* "hmm" feeling. Worse, I have no idea what caused it. Nothing in trombone playing involves that particular area of that hand; were it the left hand, it might be cause of a pointy loose spring or something. Did I carve myself with the sharp side of my seatbelt? Did I grab some pointy part of my steering wheel?

At least it's not a paper cut, I guess.

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