Saturday, August 08, 2009

Cut to the chase

Insomnia is what I've got.

Had a long post written, rambling on about all manner of things in my head. Fortunately, I turned down my AC and am already feeling better.

Short form:

Monstrously ignorant people make me angry.

Friends who keep not doing what they say they want make me sad.

Friends who rediscover their laugh after bad things happen make me happy.

Friends who repeatedly climb on their cross and preach make me disgusted.

I could use a good kiss from whomever it is who delivers these things.

My inability to succeed at things is starting to de-shine my apple.

My lack of millions of dollars is starting to be an inconvenience.

I still remain inexplicably pleased with who I am, how I behave, and all the things I know.

The fact that it may now be cold enough to sleep makes me happy.

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