Monday, August 10, 2009

Insomnia again

Spent the better part of three hours turning endlessly in bed without being able to make progress towards sleep. Frustrating, since I was nodding off while I was reading earlier. At least there's a thunderstorm outside, with conveniently spaced thunder to allow me to tick off the time.

It has to be attributable to the assorted worries in my head, but I think I'd better drop the thermostat a few degrees, just in case. It seemed to work last time.

One of my friends spent many of her years in the Floridian climate, so she's permanently cold here in the "north". Many is the time I've been out with her when a comfortable climate for me finds her perma-goosebumped.

I found myself in the reverse situation while sitting in her apartment, which gave me an understanding where she's coming from. I was actively sweating because there was no air movement and the temperature was set too high for my taste. It was quite uncomfortable and all I could think about as we sat on the couch talking. She was, naturally, perfectly comfortable and gave no thought to the temperature.

On another note: earlier this evening, we had the first rehearsal for the brass band. Things went well for the beginning of the season, though people were complaining about pain by the time it was over. We're heading to the U.K. for a tour in November, so we'll be learning three separate concerts as well as memorizing some pieces and choreography.

Not all of the members are able to take off the month of November to go gallivanting across the ocean. All the people with "real jobs" and "responsibilities" and "families" apparently have other priorities. Well, except the people who are bringing along wives, fiancées, parents, or children...

This is a busy year for the band. Lots of commitments and opportunities to impress (or bore). Plus, apparently I get to be Frosty the Snowman this year.

Yeah, I'm not sure what that's about either.


  1. I hope you kick this insomnia thing soon, and I'm sorry you have so many worries. :-\ Please let me know if there's anything I can do for you.

    I also believe this might be what frosty is....but I could be wrong....

  2. You're not wrong, Mr. Ferguson: that is indeed the particular Frosty we're speaking of.