Saturday, November 10, 2007

Incoming Sickness

I woke up this morning much like other mornings. I was caught somewhat off guard by a awful lot of drool on my pillow. If I lived with a big dog, this might be no surprise. Unfortunately, even though I live with no pets, the true meaning still isn't a surprise. It's always a warning sign that I'm sick, since having a stuffed up nose and constricted throat forces me to breath through my mouth.

Sure enough, after I started moving around, I felt the particular brand of tightness in my throat. I was beginning to experience what I associate with "being sick", which is a strange condition that happens once or twice a year. I'm sure that sounds facetious, but I'm quite serious: whenever I get sick, it always seems to be varying intensity of the same complaint. It always involves a stuffed up nose, raised body temperature, and sore throat. I'm sure there's a way to classify this as a cold or other seasonal malady, but I just know it as sickness.

It comes and goes, and I have yet to be able to pin it on anything. I'm not consistently around sick people when it happens, I've been very good at washing my hands lately, and my diet is swinging back over to "healthy". In fact, if there's a good time to be sick, this is it. I have very little to accomplish in the next week, other than nightly opera rehearsals. Hopefully if I just lay low and avoid licking doorknobs, I'll be fine by the time Thanksgiving rolls around.

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