Sunday, October 19, 2008

Shouldn't one be exhausted AFTER the big week?

This coming week is a busy one. Actually, it is going to kick off a lot of busy-ness all the way into November. Concerts to attend this week, concerts to play in, lots of hours in the car.

I came home tonight from Brass Band rehearsal quite exhausted. I didn't realize how heavy that feeling was until I realized I was completely horizontal on my couch, trying to type on my laptop. Despite the discomfort in my wrists, it was just SO comfortable to have my head on the side cushion.

Then I saw something that jolted my brain back into gear: there was a visit to my blog from my undergrad, Whoever it was, they searched Google for "doctor andy" and found my blog. Repeating the process, I discovered I'm now result number two when "doctor andy" is the search criteria. I'm sandwiched between two ACTUAL Andy doctors, with like... medical advice. It brought a smirk out of me that I'm not even a "Doctor Andy" yet.

So, the idea that someone searching at 10:30pm for me specifically triggered a flash of remembrance. I remember being in the DePaul computer labs and searching for "doctor andy", just to see what there was out there. At that time (ten years ago), I was first starting to realize that I might continue on further study in music. The end result of study being that I would eventually earn the honorific at some point.

So seeing the anonymous visitor from DePaul immediately made me think I'd been visited by myself from 10 years ago. This bit of Star-Trekkian fancy was enough to wake me thoroughly back up.

Of course, I know it's not me. Aside of the obvious facts of physics and causality, the person was using Internet Explorer 6. I clearly remember using Netscape version 3.0 on the computers "back in my day".

It's kind of fun, though, since I was never known as "Doctor Andy" when I was living in Chicago. That means if the person was actually an acquaintence of mine, they found me by searching for my current moniker.

On the other hand, if it really is me from 10 years ago, you (me) should definitely hook up with Jennifer from my "Saints and Sinners" class. Turns out she was (will be) very interested in me... you... us.

And buy Apple, selling for under $10 a share.

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