Friday, October 03, 2008

More of a Guitar Lackey, really...

Last week, I played my first games of "Dance Dance Revolution" and "Guitar Hero". While at a party, someone had brought a PS2 and these games. I'm fully aware that I'm significantly behind the curve on these games. My youngest brother was going out to the arcades years ago to do DDR, so I'm sure that they're on to the 14th sequel.

I've done only remedial guitar, but I've worked with it enough to know that it's not my bag. It hurts my hands (which I'm sure would go away with time), it seems confusing to not look at what the primary melodic motion is doing, and it requires a level of finger dexterity which is not on my short list of talents. So even though Guitar Hero is dumbed-down guitar, I still did poorly. Mostly, it had to do with trying to push the buttons exactly in time while strumming in time. That's not necessary: the left hand can anticipate the proper colors far in advance. So I wasted a lot of motion.

Out came the pads, and DDR began. It was vastly entertaining to watch other people doing it. Their gazes are so fixed, it reminds me of watching people watching a movie.

Then it was my turn. I was dancing cooperatively with a woman who had also never attempted it. Sadly, my feet were too big to stand in the middle without accidently triggering at least one of the directions. It wasn't a continual disadvantage, but it did throw me out a few times. In addition, I could never quite get the hang of when to actually press the pad at the appropriate time. I don't know if I was lagging behind, or if the pad didn't register at the moment I felt it should, but I was not making great headway. I failed a song on the easiest difficulty. However, I did manage a D grade on an intermediate song, so I consider that a badge of honor.

I can see how it might be a good source of exercise. I was certainly winded, though that certainly wasn't helped by the fact that I'd already had five beers before I even attempted it.

I achieved an "A" grade in avoiding tumbling head first into the fireplace.

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