Friday, October 31, 2008

Have they learned nothing from the Charlton Heston movies?

It's after midnight and I'm leaving for Charlotte, North Carolina on Friday (today), but this was just too... awesome to pass up. Yes, I said awesome.

Here's the good-parts version, since I'm rapidly falling asleep.

1) The 700 Club called for a day of prayer on October 29th for the World Economies. They believe that God is currently in the process of judging the ideologies of the nations of the world. The prayer team wants to transcend the bull and bear market and have a "lion" market, meaning God's direct control on the financial system.

By the way, our current economic downturn is God's punishment for our "current stance on Israel", as well as passing laws condoning homosexual marriage. Of course, they held the prayer on October 29th, the anniversary of the Great Market Crash of 1929. Why did God visit that crash on the people of that time? The 700 Club doesn't say (neither Israel or homosexual marriage was on the map at the time), but color TV was demonstrated in '29, as well as Herbert Hoover being elected. Draw your own conclusions!

2) The appointed prayer consisted of meeting at the "bull" of Wall Street and apparently involved the laying on of hands. Though it may look as though they're worshiping the bull, it's the same sort of thing that occurred in the documentary "Jesus Camp". Children at the camp were asked to pray FOR President Bush, and they ended up laying hands all over a cardboard cutout of the Pres. I guess that's an important step. In my church, it usually involved folded hands and downcast eyes. And a lot of thinking.

Still, you'd think if you worshiped a god who has been known to cast people into a fiery pit for being around a golden bovine statue (see Exodus), you'd want to be EXTRA careful not to get anywhere near one.

Yet there they are. Laying hands on a golden bull.


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  1. Good luck God! You can use my calculator, too.

    You are going to need both.