Monday, October 20, 2008

I Cam't Wait to Nuy a Mew MacNook!

There does seem to ne somethimg fummy anout the keynoard...

As seen on


I hope the keys are able to just be popped off and replaced, because disassembling the computer to get at the keyboard takes 15 minutes and at least 56 screws, as described HERE on Step 32.

EDIT, THE SECOND (12:37 pm): Since I already (less than 20 minutes after posting) received an email complaining about my treatment of Macs, I should also add a disclaimer.

For the brain-impaired, this is NOT the standard MacBook keyboard configuration. If anyone assumed that I thought so and was "lording my smarts" over the simple Apple users, allow me to correct you. And also to laugh at you for being so disconnected.

The Applites are a clean and industrious people. Apparently a select few are SO industrious that they have the time to scour the Internet for perceived slights to Apple and lobby for their explanation.

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