Saturday, October 18, 2008

Look, Dad! Someone who keeps their house worse than I.

I have a link to an incredibly filthy house. It is beyond "foul and disgusting". Without a doubt, it is the closest physical incarnation I have seen to Dante's bolgia for the wasteful.

I don't know what the clinical term for the fear of garbage is, but those who have it should never click on this link. For everyone else... well... the state of this person's apartment will probably give you that phobia.

I was halfway through writing a long-winded exploration of all the horrible things I saw in these pictures, but I decided to delete it. As disgusting as this is, it is even more profoundly sad. A human being dwells here and keeps it like this through choice, laziness, or not knowing any better. I'd rather not mock that, anymore than I have already done through shame and disgust.



  1. Silly Andy! That's not a disgusting mess. It's modern art.

  2. Ugh! I wonder what the size of the security deposit on that apartment would have to be in order to cover the cost to get that room back to par.

    I feel so much better about my place now, though! Thank you!

  3. That renter has to be the absolutely laziest person in the world. Just remember it took four years to find someone who put your place to shame. Remember Ebeneezer's chain!