Saturday, March 17, 2007

Like a book I can't put down...

It's after 2:30 am. I hadn't intended on staying up this late; quite the contrary. I got up this morning early (for me), so I expected to be in bed long ago. Instead, I watched a documentary on a facility that cares for women dealing with depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.

I'm sure I'll have something else to say about this, after I've had some sleep and more time to reflect on it. For right now, I can't believe how tired my body feels, but how fast my brain is moving.

I may need to start setting a strict bedtime for myself, with no exceptions for trying to learn new things or read really exciting books. Compounding this late night on top of the time change, and I lucked out that I don't have anything to do tomorrow morning.

Or rather, this morning. In a few short hours.

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