Thursday, March 29, 2007

Got the Wrong Address, Buddy...

I was chatting with a fellow blog writer about the search terms that lead random people to our respective blogs. I commented that what few searches I get are often very bizarre.

"curing madonna whore complex"

clapton photography restrictions

odds of correctly completing ncaa bracket

"dimitri shostakovich daughter's conversion to christianity"

She was envious, because most of hers are things like "young boy sex". People get my monthly blog index pages when they search for random terms, because that one page accrues all the words I type in a month. And since the people aren't searching using quotes around their terms (eg. "tennis scores"), they get any page that contains those words, regardless of context (eg. "Tennis a bigger number than nineis." and "Unbelievable how much that guy scores with the chicks.").

Well, today, I got one that's different.

german whore

Interesting choice, especially since it came from Turkey. Turkey and Germany are having cold relations at the moment, due to the Turkish immigrants coming across the border and taking the low-paying jobs in Germany no one wants. Rather like the situation over here with Mexico. Anyway, someone wants a German whore. And they came to my page looking for love....

I may need to sanitize my webserver.

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