Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Second Storm: more or less

The much ballyhooed second winter storm of the year arrived today.  Though it was hyped almost as much as the first and the masses did gnash teeth, it ended up being partially a disappointment here (at least by my standards).  At my place, another 6-8 inches fell, but the warm temperatures meant that very little of it stuck to the roads or sidewalks. In the end, it looked about like it did before.

I did get the opportunity to look out of my windows over the lawn towards the boulevard and drink Jameson from a coffee mug, while watching the slate-colored sky.  Several times, the snow would slacken and it would be a still tableau.  Then the wind would rise again, and more flakes would fall.  Nothing like the storm from last week, when the white-out obscured even the trees just outside.

Because I left my previous job in December, I didn't have any pressing places to be.  I simply made sure that I had enough veggie burgers, goat cheese, and kids cereal to make it the couple of days until I could easily leave again.  Painless, thanks to preparation.  The grocery store was busy, but a single person with a basket can dodge and weave with the best.

There are rumors of a new snow event on the horizon, but nothing concrete as yet.  I am always thrilled by anything that accomplishes two things:

1) keeps snow in the air.  Because... well, snow!
2) helps keep seasons distinct.

Point 2 really annoyed me during last winter, when we had a pathetic amount of snow.  It felt like eternal autumn, as though the machines never fully engaged to give us winter.  I can never fully appreciate the Spring eventuality unless things have been truly bleak in the depths of the cold season.

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