Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pre-sleep II: The Re-Sleepening!

I'm headed back to the sleep clinic tonight, but this time I get to use a Bi-Directional mask instead of the Constant flow one I used before (BPAP vs. CPAP). When they called earlier in the week to say that I needed another appointment, I was resigned. That means I let out a long breath and said, "Sure. Whenever." I sure didn't think much of the first time around, but I suppose hope this is helpful in the long-term sense, so I made the appointment for the first available time: Thursday evening.

Only after I called my mom and gave her an update did she say, "Valentine's Day?" With just a hint of the "there wasn't anything better to do that night?" sympathy. And I said to myself, "Oh. No wonder there was an opening."

But no, I don't have anyone else expecting me for this love holiday. I would ordinarily say I'd rather do anything than sit through another night of watching my eyelids while the machine hums sweetly, but I'd CERTAINLY rather be out to dinner with anyone.

I have the appointment for 8pm, which means I guess I'll be sitting there with electrodes gooped to my face for even longer before they release me in the morning. I'm taking a book, my complete Shakespeare. That way, I can read until they turn out the lights and then bash myself into unconsciousness. It's foolproof!

I really hope I actually sleep this time. That would be awesomely helpful, for my sanity if not for actual Andy-science.

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