Thursday, July 15, 2010

The summer of our discontent

It's unpleasantly hot.

It's hot enough that its starting to effect my mood.  I slink from conditioned air to my car and suffer under the indignity of having hot air blown in my face for a while while I travel to the next cool box.  It gradually draws the joy out of everything I do.

And since it really hasn't changed to be markedly more warm in my lifetime, I can only assume that I've gotten to be a bigger complainer in the years I've been alive.

In the name of something interesting and different, I've been sleeping backwards in my bed when the spirit moves me.  My top sheet long since detached, I've experimented with putting the pillows at the far end (away from the wall) and my feet to the headboard.  I have to be careful, or I get my foot and ankle caught in the gaps of the headboard.  But if I sleep diagonally, it's not too bad.

It provides me with a new perspective on waking up, with the sun rising through the window over my newly-rotated left shoulder instead of my right.  When I'm still coalescing out of my sleep and into wakefulness, its occasionally enough to make me frown with sudden concentration to figure out what's different.

I started going through all my various sleeping circumstances over the years to see if there was any pattern as to whether I was oriented north/south or east/west.  To my slight disappointment, there wasn't.  And that's probably all the consideration that set of facts will ever get from me. 

Speaking of heat, I have friends moving to Florida, which will test my patience with hot weather if I ever want to go visit.  They live "near Disney", which is hilarious since most places in Florida -- depending how they feel about Disney -- are either minutes from "Disney-adjacent" or "nowhere near".  The town is contained within the Orlando-Kissimmiee Metropolitan Statistical Area, which starts just north of Havana and stops just south of Albany.

I think I'd only ever visit in the summer, because if I'm going to be too hot somewhere, I might as well do it in Florida.  It's a place where some people actually like to spend time outside, and I'd be interested to see if I can catch a bit of that virus.

They've set themselves up for all manner of houseguests, living in an appealing place and being nice people.  I've had only a few guests since I've been here in KC, but no real destination travelers.  And a few houseguests already had places of their own in the local area, which may mean my place is some sort of destination resort as well.

I'm thinking of offering spa facilities in my bathroom -- hot towels fresh from the Maytag around the corner!

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