Thursday, July 01, 2010

The June Wedding in 2010

Now that June is over -- or soon will be, by the time you read this -- I feel like I should really wrap up my thoughts on the wedding that occurred a couple of weeks ago.  I've been having a hard time putting thoughts to screen, but I'm not sure why that would be.  It could be that I burned up all my good wedding commentary in my entry on the May wedding.

This is about the third time I've started writing about this wedding, so let's see if I can't get this one to stick!
Many of the same points still apply from the previous wedding posts:

1)  I do love a good wedding.  So far so good this year.

2)  It's still not much fun being single at a wedding.

3)  There are still things that can't be spoken of in a blog entry.  They are not the same things as last time, nicely enough.

Now for some new things I learned from this time around.

A)  You can have both bride and groom baptized Catholic, have the ceremony officiated by a priest in frock, and STILL not feel like a religious wedding.  Let alone a Catholic one.

B)  Given the opportunity, some people won't take even the smallest step to spare the bride unfortunate things.  Worse, they'll come running to the bride to tattle on other people.  Amazingly, it's exactly as juvenile as it sounds!

B-2)  In light of this... my hypothesis about how to act when the bride asks for favors less than 24 hours before the ceremony?  Completely proven.  Interrupting the bride repeatedly to say "I can take care of it.  No problem.  Leave it to me," turns out to work amazingly well.  Even better?  Having the bride say, "I called you because I just *knew* you'd take care of it" is a bonus.  A massive bonus.

C)  No, honestly -- nobody needs to know what somebody said about somebody else's inability to wear a particular dress.  Least of all the bride.  Right before she cuts the cake.  Put that shit aside for ONE DAY.  ONE.

D)  Some weddings are easier than others.

E)  Even with a wedding that's outside and non-holy, there's still a mysterious "you must be at least this well-dressed" line.  Woe to those caught on the wrong side.  Ladies?  Sun dresses and flip flops are for shopping at the beachfront Walmart that has sand in the greeting area. Gentlemen?  Belts.  For the love of applesauce, belts.

F)  Some weddings are harder than others.

G)  Being struck temporarily dumb by someone's attractiveness "up close" is (alas) possible.

H)  Eventually, one needs to leave one's child with a babysitter.  This is a necessary step in the maturation... of the parents.

I)  Watching someone gradually accept that a good significant other is actually something they *deserve* is very satisfying.

J) Exchanging smiles with the bride who's looking down on me (in the parking lot) from her preparation cloister makes me happy.

K) The chance to sit outside in the relative quiet and converse was extremely welcome.  Having the strange reality I frequent affirmed was not quite as welcome.

And in closing, L) for it being someone else's wedding, I sure was focused on myself a lot. How unbecoming. Time to besmirch myself in ultra-pure "Catholic-strength" guilt.

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