Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pre-NABBA 2010

Almost eight AM now and I've been cracking for a couple of hours.  Finally found a time to do laundry: pre-dawn.

Knocked out some work-related proofreading via email.

Packed uniform (except for the stuff still at the dry cleaners), packed suit, packed mutes.

Expect to be double-smacked with checked luggage fees today. Yay.  Let's see if I can keep the fees to less than $200 for the entire trip.  I bet no.

I get to bring three pairs of shoes.  Shiny black, matte black, and everyday.

Friendly rivalry with Brass Band of the Potomac slowly getting established.  Right now, it's being fought on my co-workers' Facebook pages.  Ahh, this modern era.  As Helen Tyler (our own UK specialist) archly pointed out, one of the charms of the competitive English spirit has been successfully (?) imported using the internet to bridge the vast physical distances between bands.  I remain skeptical.  So does she.

Let it be sung loud and long that our director, Joe Parisi, is amazing.  He is the not-at-all-secret secret to our success.  This must be what it's like to have a good coach at the SuperBowl that you don't want to let down in any way at "the big game".

I'll be back on Sunday, and soon thereafter I may have time to update the blog.  Either way, there'll certainly be a short update with results.  Should I fail, in previous years the NABBA has posted scores and results on this website:

EDIT (4/25/10)  NABBA seems to have forgotten about that site, so your best bet for a public listing of the scores is via the or via

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