Monday, November 30, 2009

Press Clippings from the Tour

2009 Brass in Concert -- The Good, The Bad, and the Downright Odd
"Fountain City had an authentic screamer who played in a manner that didn’t sound like a man extricating a red-hot poker from up his jacksy.

The Brits sounded as if they were auditioning for a part in the next Exorcist horror movie  - it was excruciating."

Concert Review from St. Gilbert's Church, Glasgow

"The dynamic contrasts were excellent and the march allowed Andrew Schwartz on Bass Trombone to show off his impressive sound."

Concert Review from Palmerston Hall, Boscombe

"It is a long way following the Yellow Brick Road in Kansas City to the Salvation Army Hall in Boscombe, but 30 talented musicians made it there last Friday."

The fantastic photographer Ian Clowes took images of FCBB performing in the Brass in Concert gala as well as the subsequent competition.  He was also present and snapping for our Thanksgiving Day clinic at the Royal Northern College of Music with Garry Cutt (director of Foden's, the band who took first at BiC).  Mr. Clowes has put up catalogs of those photos, including the one heading this entry.  All image rights belong to him, naturally. 

Photos from Brass in Concert Gala

Photos from BiC competition

Photos from clinic

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  1. Congrats!! Looking forward to hearing more about the trip!