Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monday night thoughts

I rose bright and early this morning to meet FCBB's director at his day job.  He had graciously outlined his entire schedule for the convenience of me tracking him down and borrowing the four conductor scores to the pieces I lost.  I then hiked over to the university library and installed myself with blank staff paper, one of my favorite pens, and a "comfy" chair designed in the sixties, covered in squeaky S&M-approved vinyl.

I finished in good time, copying out the four parts in slightly less than four hours.  Perhaps it would have been faster to use a computer, but I don't have reliable access to a computer that actually runs Finale or Sibelius software -- one of the inherent limitations of trying to use CD-only software on a netbook that doesn't have a CD drive.

Tomorrow I send my fancy clothes to the cleaners and spend some time sorting the clothes that need to be included in the luggage.  The weather over there is typically between 40 and 50 degrees, with varying amounts of rain.  Layers of clothing is the key, says our resident British ex-pat.  Sensible advice, I'd imagine.

I'm not taking my computer with me, owing to my lack of a voltage converter and my general uneasiness about losing or damaging the one workable computer I have left.  As such, blog entries will go on hiatus as of the departure of our flight on Thursday morning.  Because I have no desire forget things, I'm taking along a notebook for journaling purposes.  Any entries there will probably find their way up on this blog after I return.  I'm taking my camera along, so we'll see if that will make it through customs in one piece.

By the numbers, we had the highest U.S. Open combined score (music + entertainment) in competition since the start of the current scoring method in 2005.  We also tied FCBB's previous record-high entertainment score.

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