Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Operational statistics

As of July 7, 2009:

-this blog has been in operation for 1,234 days. What a fun number!

-having had its first post on February 19 of 2006, it's been going for 3 years, 4 months, and 16 days.

-there have been 525 published entries (not counting this one).

-there have been 52 unpublished entries.

-the longest of the unpublished is close to 1,000 words.

-the shortest unpublished entry consists of the title "Untitled Entry" and contains no words. It's a automatic save of a blank entry, no doubt the result of staring at the empty composition box long enough for Blogger felt obligated to save it.

-the shortest unpublished entry with actual content from me consists of only a title "Taking the Rainbow Ball and Going Home"

-according to http://www.lets101.com/blog/quizzes/blog_rating, my blog is rated "NC-17". No explanation is given as to the reasoning.

-there are more than 30 labels in use for describing entries. "About Me" has been used the most, with 82 entries. "Women" is used five times more often (25) than "Men" (5).

-the fewest number of entries in a completed month is five: January '07, and May, June, November, and December of '08.

-the month with the most numerous entries was July of '06 (29).

-as I type this sentence at 11:47 AM, there have been 14,956 visitors. Subsequent page views within 30 minutes of the first are attributed to the same visitor. There have been 18,627 individual page visits.

-13.3% of total traffic (over the last 100 vistors) has been generated by users of iPhones. This is up from 0% twelve months ago.

-the two most popular pages visited by random internet searchers are August 11, 2007 (most likely because of the image and quotation of the character Cletus from "The Simpsons", and April 30, 2007. The April page is always arrived at with some variation of the phrase "she stares into my eyes". A search for those words without quotation marks in Google generates 290,000,000 results... and my entry is the top one (as of 11:59 AM). This page gets so many individual visits, I must have accidentally used lyrics from a song or something.

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