Friday, July 24, 2009

Andy and the DMV: The Sequalizing

I'm used to waiting in lines at the DMV. The lines are infamous: perhaps no stand-up comedian goes his career without making a DMV/line waiting joke. I headed to the DMV today to renew my license plates. Since Missouri has changed plate designs, I will also be issued fancy new plates with a new license number. Adios to "192 LGM".

In the parking lot, I use the socket to remove my old plates for recycling. Though the weather is nice, it's not quite as clement as previous days: the sun beats a little hotter, the wind is calm, and it's hot out there on the pavement. Still, I make quick work of removing the old plates and head inside. Posted to the door is a hand-lettered sign, "Computers down until 11:00AM". Chuckling at the thought of anything actually going smoothly at the DMV, I check my watch (10:53am) and decide that I can wait in a non-moving line for seven minutes. Getting inside, the line isn't too bad so I pick my spot at start waiting.

But then they revise the computer fix time. Now it "could be hours". Entire Missouri system is down, so no point going to another location. Line dissolves. I spend five more minutes putting my license plates back on in the sunny parking lot.

Now I'm at home, waiting for the DMV. I can't decide if this is good (because I have lots of other things to occupy me at home) or bad-- I mean, I am still technically waiting for them, but now they've got me thinking about it miles from where I should be taking care of this business.

Either way, I feel like the DMV won again.

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