Friday, June 26, 2009

The world is not yet ready for my whining genius!

Apologies to those of you with RSS readers, who followed a link to the previous posted entry, which turned out to be an error page. For the regular viewers, I did post an entry last night. Between the time I posted it (11:00pm or so) and the time I decided to take it down (1:00am or so), I thought about whether or not the entry should stay live.

Regular readers should be aware that this (the taking-down of previously published entries) is not a behavior I particularly care for. In fact, I've only ever taken down one or two entries, and even those were replaced by entries talking about me taking them down. It is my view that part of the contract with the reader is that publishing is a one-way affair; things don't disappear again. Perhaps it has something to do with my academic background, though I've never considered them together; it would be disastrous if scholarly works "unpublished" if the author decided to change their mind.

This removed entry concerned my application for the so-called secret job. It was secret only to spare embarrassment for the company and the current office-holder. That employee was under-performing to a degree that necessitated their replacement, a course that must be navigated carefully. The removed entry was not some angry tirade against the business or the ill-fated former employee: that's not a blog I'm interested in writing. It was a simple list of some of the more frustrating aspects of my application process.

I decided to bring it down because the posibility exists of such an entry poisoning the well. I have no indication that people from the company in question read this blog in my application process, but that can't be ascertained for the immediate future. Instead, I decided to moth-ball the entry for a while. It will return after a suitable amount of distance has opened after the events of the interview. There are some funny aspects to the story, as well as some frustrating ones, and they will all be released sometime.

In the meantime, you unlucky readers are stuck with this post. It's not exactly "content-rich", is it? If I were adept at making fart jokes, one would definitely be inserted here to attempt to salvage the entry.

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