Thursday, June 11, 2009

How fun, my very own sex spam!

So, in the entry from yesterday titled "I think I just got rejected by a computer!", I put up a very real email I'd received that may-or-may-not be a dismissal letter. Instead of leaving in the name of the very real company that sent the letter, I replaced it with a hopefully unbelievable stand in, involving a theoretical company that makes inflatable humanoid simulacra of a prurient nature.

Lo and behold, today I had a comment on that entry. Was it one of my friends, giving a valuable or hilarious opinion on the subject? No. Was it a new reader, taking that opportunity to comment on a subject that mattered to them, personally? Yes, but...

If you were to follow the link back to that entry, you'll see the comment came from "Carl". Clicking on Carl's name to learn more about him leads to an unavailable profile page. So Carl values his privacy. You may also notice that Carl has almost flawless English. He's also very rational, if somewhat assertive: I agree that a salacious "action" figure may be a solution for "solitaire" persons. I didn't follow the link, fearful of all the strange computer-eating things that wait on the other end of strange links, but judging by the address alone, it went to a site that sold said "libidinous user aids". As advertised.

Carl is from Colombia, which I determined with the help of my visit counter. He arrived on my website about a half-hour prior to his comment, no doubt attracted by the use of a certain term which I am scrupulously avoiding in this entry. After thirty minutes, he returned and posted his comment, checking once to make sure that it had posted correctly and to make sure that he had gotten his argument across, no doubt. Wouldn't do to be misunderstood.

Since it won't do to have people (aside of me!) promoting things for their own gain on this website, I removed him. But have no fear, Carl! Thanks to my screen-grabs, the ... essence of your contribution to the conversation has been preserved. Your valid point of view will not go unrecognized or un-debated.

For indeed, who among us can say that we have never felt like a synthetic love-sapien? That's all Carl's trying to say, really.

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