Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Not Just in Keith Carradine's TV shows...


From Germany, Reuters is reporting that a 17-year old attempted to mug a blind man in a train station. I'm sure he assumed the blind guy would be an easy target for a quick credit card or cash. The kid threatened the blind man, then punched him in the face.

At this point, the blind man flipped the mugger over and held him to the ground until police arrived. Turns out the blind man is actually a world-class blind judo fighter. Talk about picking the wrong target.

Maybe people should stick to taking money from the elderly, except...


In New York, a 32-year old man tried to rob a 74-year old man by assailing him at his car and threatening him with a tire iron. What did the old man do? He grabbed the tire iron. The younger man was disarmed and ran. He tried to escape in his car, but it stalled. Running home, he was still there when the police came to arrest him.

Candy from babies may be the only "safe" option remaining.

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