Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'm a sucker for time lapse photography

I found an interesting video put out by Dove. Not the chocolate maker, but the soap and moisturizer people. They have an unconventional ad campaign going that focuses on image problems. This video is part of that series.

Dove: Evolution

On a side note, I'm fascinated with Photoshop and the methods for creating a new reality through pictures. A couple of years ago, my family met in Indiana, but due to work or school I couldn't join them. When they came back, they had taken pictures with everyone. Two pictures to be exact. One with my father taking the picture, and the second with my cousin's boyfriend. So, of the seven people, one person was missing from each picture. Using photo manipulation software, I was able to clip my father out of one picture and place him into the picture he took.

This was complicated by the fact that my father is taller and stood farther away than the boyfriend, so I had to slightly shrink him so he wouldn't tower over everyone. I did a little shadow filling, and managed to slip him beside someone to disguise the fact that his image only had one arm (he was standing next to someone else in the original photo).

When I finished, we printed it out and the photo is on my parent's fridge. Every time I see it, I laugh. Because I know that nobody took that picture. That moment in time, forever frozen in a picture, never actually happened. It's cool, but it gives me a strange feeling to look at a scene that I created in a computer.

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  1. I added my grandparents to a picture of a gathering that they did not attend, kind of as a joke. We later showed the picture to my cousin, who took the picture, and it took her several minutes to notice that they had been added. We thought that was really funny.