Sunday, November 03, 2013

Blogging for November

I saw on some site that there was a challenge to write blog entries each day in November, as a sort of low-impact version of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I thought it was a good idea, but I just started off this month with a brass band competition and no laptop. So I'll try to catch back up and get on track, just for the giggles.

Some of the directives may be taken from some sites that have daily writing starters to get the ideas flowing. I tend to write on and on about even trivial or super-detailed matters, so this month will probably be a combination of usual entries and some things that may have a shorter average length. Of course, it all depends on how I find the subject for the day.

I've been wanting to write more, but I've been traveling a lot lately, and that tends to put things on the back burner. I have the ability to use mobile devices to publish entries, but typing for long periods of time on tiny keyboards gives me anger issues.

This year, I've almost written more entries than in the previous two years (2011 and 2012) combined. I didn't realize my output had fallen so far, especially from the glorious banner year that was 2006, where I somehow put out 190 entries.

Hopefully, this month will even the scores a very tiny bit.

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