Monday, March 04, 2013

Pre-sleep, part III: Sleep Harder

Yes, you read the subject right: I'm going back to the clinic for yet another overnight observation.  Just a few days after the last one, they called again to say that my doctor had ordered another round of testing.  I don't know what if anything will change this time -- will I get the elusive full nose/mouth mask? -- but I do know that this stuff has lost its charm.

You may remember that it never really started with any charm.

I'm turning it into a proper two-day affair this time.  I have time budgeted tomorrow for far more exercise than I usually do. Not only will this be a nice bonus for me, but I'm going to try really hard to exhaust myself before the clinic.

I teach my Tuesday lessons then have an hour to make it to the facility for a 9pm start.  Lord willing and the creek don't rise, I'll fall asleep.  That sure would make the time go by quicker.  The other fuss -- the atypical sleep time, the goop in my hair, the laughable attempts to pee while wired to a box -- would all be manageable if I could make the 8 hours pass unconsciously.

Damn.  I forgot about the third go-through of the 16 page paperwork.  It's a good thing I keep letting them know that I have never been a smoker, nor have I started smoking.  All the (lack of ) sleeping might have been for naught of one of these times I'd actually started smoking 15 years ago.

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