Sunday, September 11, 2011

All's War in Love and Fair

Over the weekend, I worked the company booth at the local city fair.  It's ostensibly to commemorate the fact that the Sante Fe and Oregon trails started in the vicinity, but nowadays it has carnival rides and friend Oreos -- not exactly the period cuisine.

Due to a scheduling *ahem* development, I worked every day of the fair.  In addition to most of a regular work day.  And on Saturday, I was there the entire time from 10am to 10pm. 

It's the holy grail of people watching, I think. 
Sitting in a booth and speaking to the vast minority that are interested enough to chat, while gazing at the people moving up and down the fairgrounds.  No mullets, but seven rat-tail beards.  No 70's garb, but the Madonna 80's garb is apparently back.  Also facial piercings other than the nose (so common as to now attract barely a disinterested shrug from me).  How can a nose compare to eyebrows, lips, chins, cheeks and the bridge of the nose.  Ouch!

The pregnant woman who stopped by in the hot pink see-through nighty to ask about clarinets.

The kid who said that -- contrary to everything about brass performance -- he could articulate faster by pulsing his breath "like laughing".  He also explained that the best trumpet player in the world was Antonio Banderas. 

The kid who came bargaining for candy with two quarters and still somehow left poorer even after I explained that the candy was free.

The happy couples, God curse them.

The pregnant women.  So. Many.  Must have been a storm that knocked out all forms of entertainment about 6 months ago.

The man who was both a pastor and an independent financial counselor.  He was wearing a button on his suit that said, "Ask me about life!"  I didn't.

The fun the organizers must have had by putting the Republican, Democrat, and Liberterian booths right next to each other.

The fun of picking out the few familiar faces of customers and others out of the milling crowd.

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