Monday, October 04, 2010

A Kitten at Work

Today, the high school student who works part-time at the shop got out of her noisy diesel truck and came to the door carrying a tiny kitten.  Apparently, the kitten had been deposited unseen by the mother in a box in the bed of the pickup early, had sat there through a day of high school classes, and only been discovered after school.

The kitten was approximately a month old, still uninterested in solid food and mewling plaintively for mom cat to come and do something useful.  I got a chance to pick it up and cuddle it in my arms for a while, where it started to purr and ceased crying out.  So if you were wondering what's almost as appealing as a cat, it's the warm juncture between my arm and my belly.

It was funny how much having a kitten focuses attention.  Productivity in the office suffered as people had their own ideas about how to comfort it, feed it, raise it, or (in the case of an anti-cat person) feed it to the local wildlife.  Nobody had nothing to say about it, you'll notice!

Work continued at almost normal speeds once a box had been found that could be layered with the cutoff legs of a pair of pants from the worker (they were cut off for the summer weather, not that kitten).  Still, people made lots of trips past the kitten box just to be able to look in at the sleepy fluffball.

The most amusing part was having workers come up to me, start communicating on work business, then look down and trail off by stating, "Umm, you're holding a kitten..."


  1. All this post and no pictures? What is this?

  2. In what either represents mankind's darkest hour or our crowning hope, no pictures were taken despite everyone involved having a picture-taking device of some type on their person.

  3. So what happened to the kitten? Where is it now?

  4. I'm happy to report that the kitten has been reunited with the mom at a farm south of Kansas City. The kitten issued a statement, saying that while it enjoyed its brief jaunt to school and business, it was pleased to be back where it is easy to obtain food and warmth.